Know about the top 3 business security systems

Know about the top 3 business security systems

When you are serious about business security, keeping a watch on others becomes the core basis of your job. We’ll take a look at some of the best-rated and most preferred business security systems. In this list, we have tried to cater to different needs. So, everything from the most updated and high-tech options to budget-friendly alternatives will be found on this list. Every brand listed below has multiple good-quality and customizable systems, which run without a hassle.


Vivint is the number one choice for many professionals around the world. With the expert installation of the system, the clients enjoy absolute peace of mind, thanks to its 24/7 professional monitoring, an easy-to-use mobile application, and high-end technology. If you pay a little extra, you can get easy outdoor or indoor camera surveillance and building automation. For businesses that seek a continuous recording with remote control access of the lights, locks, thermostats, etc., this security system is the best. The brand also does its job at protecting the inventory and employees while on-the-move, owing to its high-end automobile security. The emergency response time of Vivint is incredible. It has an average response time of only eight seconds. So, every time your system security sends an alert to the emergency operators, they will immediately send paramedics, police, and firefighters. One extraordinary feature of the Vivint security system is that there’s one cellular chip, which ensures that alerts will be sent out from smoke detectors, motion detectors, or the other sensors even if there’s no electricity.

  • Round-the-clock video recording
    The perfect alternative to the motion-stimulated video clips is the round-the-clock video recording facility. This big feature of the Vivint is what keeps it ahead of many competitors. You can use this security system for several business-related reasons, such as patrolling against any shoplifter or ensuring that all office workers adhere to the specified safety protocols. Both outdoor and indoor cameras from the brand are high-resolution and come with infrared night vision features. If you opt for the Pro Outdoor Camera, you’ll be able to send message alerts about the lurkers or loiterers who might be trying to bring any damage. You can also activate the siren to ensure that the loiterers are made aware that they have been spotted. Business owners who have a Google Home Bluetooth speaker can easily control the camera feed via the Google Assistant commands. Just say, “Hey Google, Please show the exit camera.” You can also save videos of your business for about 45 days. All the cameras from Vivint can be wirelessly installed. So, if you relocate your business, the Vivint safety system can easily shift with you.
  • Pricing
    Now, as far as pricing is concerned, you’ll have to bear two costs. One is your equipment purchase fee, and the second is your monthly monitoring fee. The monitoring fee could usually be as little as USD 29.99. You can finance the equipment, and that makes the camera cost about USD 3.33 every month. All the cameras are automated and can be controlled via your smartphone. So, the installation of this business security system makes your business smart. It gives you centralized control over your lights, Z-wave locks, thermostats, and every other high-tech or smart component in your office. Using Vivint’s mobile application, you can easily verify that your doors are locked at night, and the employees armed the systems. In case they forget to do it, you can easily lock and arm remotely. If you opt for the premium plan, you can also have a voice control feature of the Google Assistant.

With equipment and monitoring, the most affordable system, as advertised online, by the brand will cost you a cumulative price of USD 53.99 per month. In this price, you’ll get round the clock professional monitoring, along with the following:

  • An advanced touchscreen control system with speaker
  • One indoor motion detection system
  • Three windows or door entry sensors
  • Vivint sign
  • Key Fob with panic, arm, and disarm buttons

You can add panic buttons, security cameras, smart locks, smoke detectors, glass break alerts, and others as per your requirements. The quotes can be requested for free over the phone.

The biggest competitor of Vivint for their professionally installed systems is ADT. Both of them have a lot in common. However, it is ADT that gives you customized cybersecurity in addition to the protection against all forms of crimes. ADT is also known to be the best at offering commercial security systems. Moreover, since each of the systems comes with an adequately long trial span, there’s no risk to the buyer. The comprehensive list of ADT offerings includes intruder protection, business cybersecurity, video surveillance, remote-controlled locking, and environmental alerts. You can accomplish remote control locking by using the five-star mobile application of ADT. If you wish to integrate for voice controls, it is possible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Initially, your equipment will be professionally installed. However, you can expand anytime as desired using the Z-Wave, all by yourself.

  • Pricing
    To tell you the truth, ADT has not advertised its pricing scheme. It is because they offer a personalized solution to every business for a three-year term. On special requests or from advertised promotions, you can avail of some security cameras of ADT at zero additional cost. If you opt for the new-gen ADT camera, you’ll notice that they are the most upgraded with the resolution of 1080p and ensure a clear night vision. The motion-trigger video will be recorded and saved automatically on the Cloud. The clips can be kept for a month.
  • Things to know about the ADT Cybersecurity
    Though traditional criminals attack you by slipping into the premises, cybercriminals attack differently. They will hack your system’s backend or trespass into the digital assets of your company. Unfortunately, any client or employer could unwittingly become a weak link for your business when you give them access to the files in their business emails, and they have this data on any unsecured computer or tablet. With the cybersecurity solutions of ADT, you get comprehensive protection from computer viruses, ransomware, and any other form of digital threats.

The network engineers of ADT are professionals who have been certified in the field of cybersecurity. These adept professionals can easily install the most advanced firewall to check all the Internet traffic coming on to your business network, including encrypted communications. You can also add a premium service of content filtering, which will protect the business against phishing attacks and other cybercrimes. In addition, you can include some add-ons, such as secure business mails and a virtual private network (VPN). With ADT’s cybersecurity, you get round-the-clock professional monitoring. So, whenever a monitoring agent of ADT senses trouble, they’ll immediately alert you about the same.

Moreover, you’ll get weekly reports of your data and blocked threats of every user who has access to your Internet. All these aspects make ADT an ideal pick for the businesses established because the deals from the company are valid for three years. At times, the deals may be terminated if any suspicious activity at your end is noted. The good thing is you can test the business security system of ADT for 30 days. If you do not like what they have to offer, you can cancel anytime during this tenure, and you’ll not be charged any fee or penalty for the same.


This brand offers you easy and convenient DIY options for business security. So, with SimpliSafe, you’ll be able to set and install the equipment all by yourself. Hence, there’s no requirement for additional tools. Moreover, since you do not have to shell out a monthly maintenance fee, these are more cost-effective. However, if you wish to opt for professional installation, it might cost you around USD 79. You could either opt for a basic security system, which will alert you about the regular intrusion. If you wish to upgrade, you can opt for additional features, such as smart lights, glass break sensors, indoor cameras, smoke detectors, and smart locks. The good thing about SimpliSafe business security systems is that you get a warranty of up to three years.

If you opt for the free service, it would only let out an alarm. However, if you shell out USD 24.99 on a monthly basis, you can benefit from 24/7 professional monitoring, which will be sent to paramedics, police officers, and fire brigades. Moreover, with it, you’ll get remote control access over office and security systems. The controls are executed via the mobile application of SimpliSafe. You can also exercise it via Alexa commands when the system is synced with a speaker of Amazon Echo.

The equipment’s cost is fairly reasonable, with a starting price of only USD 229, which bags you the cheapest kit called The Foundation. It is excellent for small-scale businesses or those who are looking for cheap business security systems. It comes with an indoor safety camera, which will respond to every motion. An incredible feature of this camera is its infrared night-time vision. In addition to this, there is a wireless keyboard, SimpliSafe hub, and the indoor movement sensors. You can either add extra units or opt for a bigger plan with additional options, such as Hearth, that comes with freestanding siren and smoke detection system.

However, despite some high-end features, why is it still cheaper? The big reason for this could be attributed to the fact that SimpliSafe self-manufactures its components. Hence, there are no middleman markups, and thus, the components are budget-priced. However, SimpliSafe does not compromise on quality. Its cameras are at par with the prevailing industry standards and come with features, such as a 1080p resolution and an excellent motion sensor. Since SimpliSafe gives due importance to customer feedback, it offers you a 60-day money-back assurance.

  • Cellular service vs wireless
    In the free service, SimpliSafe’s security system uses the Wi-Fi of the office. A somewhat secure alternative to this is the contract-free paid service, which can be availed at USD 14.99 or USD 24.99 per month, depending on the plan chosen by you. In the standard plan of USD 14.99, the system is upgraded to cellular. This comes with a professional monitoring service, along with phone call alerts. For instance, if the smoke alarm is triggered or if the motion sensor notices something, you’ll get an intimation notice. A chime can also be activated to know whenever someone enters your shop. On the other hand, the Interactive Plan of USD 24.99, gives you a bunch of updates, such as professional monitoring, smartphone alerts, video surveillance, remote control access, and automated office systems.
    However, SimpliSafe automation is not as strong as a few of its pricier competitors. It is because the hub comes sans a Z-Wave chip. However, irrespective of everything, SimpliSafe will do a decent job for your business’ safety. It supports Nest thermostats, Hue smart lights, and August smart locks. Also, about 41 sensors can be connected to its hub.
    Finally, we would like to conclude by saying that SimpliSafe has persistently earned high ratings from the professional reviewers and its customers. Though it’s business security system is affordable and inexpensive, it has still maintained its quality well. This system will help you guard your office from trespassers.

The good thing is that if you are just venturing into the business security system, SimpliSafe has got you covered, as it offers you no-questions-asked money-back assurance for 60 days. Moreover, its safety system comes with a warranty of three years. However, there’s a small demerit of SimpliSafe, wherein apart from its video doorbell camera, all other cameras are not waterproof.

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